Companion to an X100s

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Companion to an X100s

I didn't want to ask this in a brand-specific forum

I bought an X100s. I love it. It covers most of what I shoot (street, environmental portraits, social, carry-everywhere).

The only obvious issue is the fixed FL can be limiting. I'm generally OK with landscapes/wider angles, where I'm willing to either do a panorama or find an interesting composition within the 35mm constraints.

However, I'm heading out on an 8 week tour of the US, and will be spending considerable time in the National Parks (esp. in California & the South West). I'd hate to miss any wildlife shots, but I'm not an avid birder or anything. I also fairly regularly (once every year or 2) head to South Africa & the parks there. These are all more holiday-focused (I'm only a hobbyist), but I'd still like great quality shots. They just don't need to stand up to extreme pixel peeping

I've been going back and forth on cameras, and really want to keep the budget (well?) under $500, since this is probably not a camera I'm going to be using hugely often. To that end, I've been thinking:

  • A pocket travel zoom like the ZS30 or the LF1
  1. Would the slightly larger sensor on the LF1 be worth the cut in range?
  2. This would mean having to start over when I wanted to upgrade, instead of maybe simply adding a lens, swapping out a body, etc
  3. Coming from an FZ18, the APS-C sized X100s has soured me somewhat on smaller sensors.
  • NEX 3N + 55-210mm
  1. Right now, this looks like the cheapest/most conveniently sized APS-C option, even though it's over my budget. How likely is it that I'll score a deal before I leave at the end of March?
  2. I'm unlikely to use the 16-50mm, making it feel a little pointless
  3. This would be an easier option to add to later, if, for example, I wanted an ultra-wide lens, etc. Plus, I could theoretically just get a new body and have lenses available.
  • Other options
  1. I wouldn't mind bulking up to an SLR if I could find a great second hand deal with just a standard telephoto lens. New, even the SL1 & D3200 are out of my range atm.
  2. The A3000 with the 55-210 is in my range, but it seems a shame to bulk up with this supposedly plasticky cam over something more compact like the 3N, with similar capabilities.

Phew! This wasn't nearly as difficult back in 2008 when I decided on the FZ18. 5/6 years isn't bad going for that thing

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