GXR S10 mount for DW-6 adapter - Ricoh HA-3 or JJC RHA-3?

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Re: GXR S10 mount for DW-6 adapter - Ricoh HA-3 or JJC RHA-3?

Prognathous wrote:

schaki wrote:

Edit: Oh and I'm still around in the Ricoh-section despite really having to the hang of a Contax TVS Digital during the last year which I use far more than the GRDI as it can be carried in a pocket without dust-issues. Not very unlike that of older Ricohs like the R3 which I still use.

I'm glad you like your Contax. I remember that back in the 90's their T3 and G2 cameras appealed to me very much, but not enough to actually purchase.

I've never used any of the Contax film cameras but have read that especially the T2 and the G2 seems to be held in high regard over at Rangefinderforum.

The TVS Digital which I've is kind of a luxury version of the first Kyocera Finecam S5, though better build quality, refined UI with the quick menus and button-layout etc. And also that it unlike the S5 it can be used with the Ricoh DB-43 batter, aka Fuji NP-120 which is easy to find on Ebay if I would have to buy another battery. Though no support for AA batteries unlike the Ricohs which used same battery.

Too bad that Kyocera decided to throw the towel in after having begun to make compacts which seemed to be quite good at the time being. The Kyocera Finecam SL300R with swivel-body design is very small and not too small. Seems to have been popular in its day. I've to use mine more and have in the last two weeks begun to carry it with me. For me it is one camera which I've had for some time but come in between and not seen a lot of use.

One mistake on Kyocera and Contax part was that the Contax TVS Digital as new was ridiculously expensive. 899$ for the silver and champagne gold and almost a grand for the one in Black. All of them featured Titanium shell, though still too expensive.

The Contax-versions of the shirtpocket Finecam SL300R and SL400R was more realistically priced.

I read that the Kyocera SL300R and can flashed with the firmware-update for the Contax SL300T and also that it made a difference to what seems be related to contrast mostly.


Like you I also have some very nice small-sensor cameras from the 5MP-8MP era (the Oly C5060, KM A2 and Ricoh GX8 are three favorites), but I find it difficult to bring myself to use them when I know I can get much better results from cameras with newer sensors. Also, ever since I bought an ultra-zoom lens (Tamron 18-270) I find I use my DSLR more often than I did in the past, so even my relatively recent GXR purchase is not getting the attention it deserves...

I've had a 5060 for a short time but thought it was somewhat bulky. Definitely good image quality as soon as it have a good setup for jpegs, though with the slow cardwriting for raw being a problem and also no support for jpeg+Raw. The Olympus 5050, the one with fast zoom, was smaller and faster writing of Raws, just about 4 secs which was ok for me. Too bad that Olympus stopped making decent compacts like these and the 8080 even though the XZ-2 probably not are bad either.

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