Rumors about the new Fuji in 2014: Retro style rulz

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Re: Rumors about the new Fuji in 2014: Retro style rulz

I very much like the look and handling of the XP-1 because it reminds me of the old rangefinder Leicas I learned on back in the 1960's.  Much more than that, I like the analog controls and the compact, light camera with interchangeable lenses and superb IQ.  I don't like the slow focus.

A weather-sealed body would be wonderful - my cameras are used in lots of nasty conditions.  A much quicker autofocus would be even better!  I really hope Fuji sticks with "retro" at least in retaining both the analog controls and the compact rangefinder shape in its next generation.  I sure hope Fuji does NOT make its next mirrorless camera body in an SLR style, because I don't know of any mechanical or ergonomic reason to add a big lumpy hump on top of a camera that does not need to house a flapping mirror or its related pentaprism.

If Fuji comes out with a new generation of X mount camera with weather-sealing and quick autofocus dressed up as a faux-SLR, I will likely buy it even though I would hate its appearance and probably its handling as well.  So, I guess, at the end of the day, appearance is secondary to performance for me.  Now, give me a compact rangefinder style camera with weather-sealing and fast autofocus and I'm a very happy customer.

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