Pimp my Fuji X-Pro 1

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Re: Pimp my Fuji X-Pro 1

R Neuschul wrote:

Missing items [maybe]:

1] a good armorglass or gorilla glass screen protector: the Fuji screen is made of ever so slightly soft glass [compared to some other makes of screen] which can and does scratch/mark. I now have screens on all my Fuji bodies.

2] replace Fuji's triangular strap rings with circular rings and a more effective leather buffer pad.

3] replace Fuji strap; it's irritating as hell and far too time-consuming to adjust length in a hurry: if using camera regularly with either of the long Fuji zooms [or with long legacy glass] consider getting an Opt-Tech or similar weight-distributing pad for the strap [or use an Opt-Tech strap with that built in].

4] If using camera with a 3-point sling harness without a case then consider buying the Hejnar Arca tripod plate; this fits the base without interfering with the battery compartment and also provides a new standard lens-centered tripod bush [NB: works for the E cameras as well].

great tips. thanks. do you have a picture with your enhancements?

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