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Re: Jared Polin aka "Fro"

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GRphotos wrote:

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karl eller wrote:

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karl eller wrote:

I've tried to like him, because he has a lot of useful information on his YouTube channel... but MY GOD do I find him annoying. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

Yes - I hear you. I just find every other photography podcast so deathly boring...

look for digitalrev sometimes it's really good!

Yep, DigitalRev TV is entertaining, and I'm a bit of a fan of Matt Granger.

I like Matt Grainger he is sort of understated cool ..rather than 'In your face' cool that fro can be

I love Jarred's videos, he is not fake about anything, i noticed that he does not block anyone for been rude,

ive noticed dozens of ppl been blocked from youtube for insulting these guys like Matt Grainger or philip bloom for saying anything silly or been rude, one time someone started a rant about matt saying he has a huge kangeroo a55 and a fake wife/hooker he hires for his show, as well as a chip on his shoulder about americans and dozens of ppl got blocked, i noticed same with Phil Bloom and this orther guy with white hair with a pretty wife, for phil allot ppl told him off saying he sold out on contract with canon to promote their C line and ignore magic lantern and the 5d3 with 4k which was the very reason that helped him make a name, Phil even wrote a long letter to everyone about it, very sensitive person and obviously all artistic ppl are but you dont see this with "digitel rev" or JP's yt channels, they deal with everyone, im sure digital rev are actually a store with a staff and a online army but my point is they deal with others like people's people instead of blocking any criticism like those others, apple discussions, mac rumors, BnH etc and ive read worse things about JP or Digital rev and i think its KAI, one of them cant speak english and they all went on a rant but no one was blocked and it was funny

Yeah, KAI.

..have you noticed the 'Jeremy Clarkson school of presenting' coming out I get the impression KAI has watched every Top Gear episode back to back on many occasions and molded his style on JC

Still better than this guy who walking with pink handcuffs and touching your nuts fro no reason!

I wasn't putting KAI down, just observing his mannerisms which are a likeness to Jeremy Clarkson.

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