My GR wishlist (hint: not full-frame)

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Re: My GR wishlist (hint: not full-frame)

Daniel4 wrote:

Maybe Ricoh listens? But I guess they are busy with another model and will keep the GR for the next 1-2 years. Or will they try to jump on the high-end / full-frame mirrorless train like Sony, before Nikon and Canon?

Getting on the FF mirrorless train before CaNikon arrive might be needed not to lag behind too badly when the game is on. But I guess it is Pentax which are supposed to come with a FF mirrorless, not Ricoh.

Too bad that Pentax so far has failed to go FF with their dslrs and the result was being only the fourth biggest manufacturer fo dslrs while they probably could have been the third biggest at least. But them blew it when them experimented with the FF prototype some years ago.

I wonder if Ricoh are about to allow them do a similar misguided mistake this time as well?

I'm not sure what Ricoh might be up to with their own potential compact cameras. Sony seems to keep their 1" Cmos sensors for themselve and Nikon strictly so far and it is no secret that this 1" seems to have a lot more potential than the traditional 1/1.7"

But we can at least wait and see what happen. Olympus are expected to come up with a new zoom for their XZ-3 and then we will see if Sony allow them to use the 1" Cmos or not. That might show us however Ricoh will be allowed to use that sensor in an upcoming compact as well.

Another GRD with smaller than aps-c seems unlikely. So if there is a compact coming it is either a real GX300, hopefully with the 1" Cmos or some real successor to the CX 6.

It could also be potentially an aps-c zoom compact. Though one with slow widest apertures if Ricoh intend to keep the size down which them always seems to do with their compacts. They are not into collapsible zoomlenses yet and I would definitely not call the GXR A16 zoom something like small.

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