SD card suddenly not recognised by laptop

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And .... in future ....

..., don't just remove/swap/etc cards. Do the right procedure using the Windows facility for removal of any USB connected item - even if it is a card in a USB reader.

Disconnect the reader. Restart Windows, plug in the card reader and it should be recognised and install appropriate drivers automatically. Then insert your memory card and to remove it ..... follow the recommended procedure to avoid such problems. Here's an extract from the Windows Help:

To safely remove a certain device, click the Safely Remove Hardware icon, and then, in the list of devices, click the device that you want to remove. Windows will display a notification telling you it's safe to remove the device.

  • You can also safely remove devices from the Computer folder. Click the Start button , click Computer, right-click the device you want to remove, and then click Eject.
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