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Re: Nikon Df, D800, D600, D610 and D4 jpegs and what you can do with them

David314 wrote:

gabriel foto wrote:

Hi David,

you are probably teasing me...? or...?

Image quality does seem slightly below what we're discussing though

Still, interesting amounts of hidden noise in such an old p&s!

Are you saying I am being too serious? Like Brooke, maybe writing too much? Relax, I won't bother you much more, felt I had something to say but now I'm nearly finished!



being able to extract highlights and shadows out of jpegs is nothing new.

but you have always been able to extract more out of raw

nothing has changed in that regard

the newer cameras have less noise at base ISO and less noise in the jpegs/raws

in particular the Nikon D600 and D800 at base ISO

The Df and D4 at base ISO are not as good



with the risk that we are both repeating things which are not new, what I am saying (or maybe I didn't express it clearly enough?) is that extracting shadows from jpegs at this quality level, or to this extent, is indeed new.

The results of these jpegs are even equal to the best raw results from 2011 (read: Nikon D700 for example), or even today (read: Canon)

Where did you read (or say, or write) this before?

So, not that it matters - new, or nothing new?


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