Photographing Eagles - Where?

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Re: Photographing Eagles - Where?

kasjun wrote:

There you go Andy, you started out wanting a day trip of maybe 200 miles and now we have you thinking over 4000 miles all the way to Alaska.

Hey Kasjun,

We're just east of Nashville Tennessee.  There simply are no "Day" trips for us to photograph eagles.  At best it's a half day of travel each way and then a day on site.  I had hoped to make it up to lock and dam 14 over our Christmas break.  That would have been a long day of driving each way.  And we had hoped to spend two days there.  But parent health issues prevented that.  I will be looking to get hooked up with the reelfoot people that know where to go.  And Rock Island still sounds interesting. 
I agree that you've got to get close to get good shots.  And we've done that at Shiloh military park and Lake Guntersville in Alabama.  At least of sitting birds.  Note that these are the result of three trips.  At both locations there is a single nesting pair and you simply cannot get close to where they fish.



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