GX7 - using LCD and EVF in the same time

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Re: GX7 - using LCD and EVF in the same time

RickPick wrote:

Owen wrote:

When my eye is at the finder the LCD on the rear turns off and you cannot use the touch screen. Is there a way around this besides moving your eye away?


The LCD turns off while you are looking through the viewfinder, but it still responds to touch. There is enough room to place either thumb on the touchscreen and it is very comfortable to tilt the EVF slightly while doing this. When you touch the screen the focus point (points if in 23-area mode) is displayed and moves when you move your thumb. It's a very nice way to adjust focus while looking through the EVF.

By the way, there are settings in the menu for either absolute or relative positioning while in this mode.


If Nikon or Canon had developed this feature it would be hailed as ground breaking

By far the best way to move the autofocus point.

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