Whites need not apply.

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Re: Black Racism Rampant In America

mamallama wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

It's actually quite simple. Black racism remains a dynamic phenomenon because African Americans have been told, ad nauseum, by "civil rights leaders" and by leftist whites in influential organizations like the ACLU, to look outside of themselves for the roots of every ill that plagues their community; to reflexively blame white society for their problems rather than to take responsibility for their own lives; and to view themselves as the oppressed and powerless victims of a white "power structure," a status they are led to believe renders them somehow incapable of being genuine racists themselves -- no matter how much they may detest the white people they perceive to be their tormenters. Moreover, they have been taught to angrily reject astute observations like those of Bill Cosby, who has publicly lamented how illegitimacy, parental neglect, lack of educational effort, and bad behavior have decimated black life.

That's pure nonsense and only believed by white racists.

That line is taught in Black 101, right?

"Deny inconvenient truths by somehow blaming whites".

Bet you passed that class with flying coloreds.

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