Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

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Re: Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

Aberaeron wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

How do you know the write speed of the 77/99 is faster than the 57/58/65?

Tests have shown that they write faster.

As far as I can see, everyone is guessing on assumptions that are based largely on guesswork.

The only thing we are guessing about is the peak write speed. There is no guesswork involved in the average write speed.

The average write speed of the a77 is higher than the average write speed of the cheaper models.

In fact it is much higher than any camera using 1 SD card without UHS-1 support will be theoretically able to achieve. The bus speed of the fastest non-UHS SD spec. is 25 MB/s.

While posting from this phone, I am not aware of what model camera Vikas, the OP, uses. Therefore the relevance of the relative speeds between the two higher end slt models and the other models with regard to the two higher speed UHS-1 cards is also not known to me. Perhaps you would be as kind as to explain the relevance?

Are you serious?

This is a thread about write speed of different cards in SLT cameras. And when I discuss write speeds of different cards in SLT cameras, you ask me for the relevance.

And in your other reply to me, you treat me like an idiot because I can't see how your experiences with a Panasonic G6 can have any relevance for the discussion.

One question for you:

Have you somehow mixed this discussion in the Sony forum up with another discussion in the Panasonic forum?

As far as I can see, that would be your only legitimate excuse for your recent postings in this thread.

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