New York Times probe finds NO Al-Qaeda involvement...

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Re: New York Times probe finds NO Al-Qaeda involvement...

mamallama wrote:

Brian wrote:

Walking Dead wrote:

in 2012 Benghazi attack-

Now, let's see the conservatives squirm.

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I am a conservative and couldn't care less if there was al-qaeda involvement. Whether it was al-qaeda or something else..... the americans are still dead and the administration did a very poor job in handling the situation.

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And for shame, too because this is the very first attack ever on an American embassy.

Do you think having a Muslim in the white House has anything to do with it?

Or did those fricking Republicans cut too much funding for US embassy security?

Mama are you and "walking dead" sharing the same bad information again? I know the Oracles over on MSNBC that you both worship must be very proud of their work.

Barbara Boxer is a liar, and your friend Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post proved it over seven months ago.

Barbara Boxer’s claim that GOP budgets hampered Benghazi security

"Moreover, while Boxer claims that Republicans “cut” the budget, she is only comparing it to what the Obama administration proposed. The reality is that funding for embassy security has increased significantly in recent years."

"“The Department of State’s base requests for security funding have increased by 38 percent since Fiscal Year (FY) 2007, and base budget appropriations have increased by 27 percent in the same time period,” said the bipartisan Senate Homeland Security Committee report on the Benghazi attack."

"During hearings into the attack last fall and this month, State Department officials were specifically asked if a lack of financial resources played a role in the attack. The answer was no."

"Boxer would have been on firmer ground if she had echoed the broad point made by the Accountability Review Board that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress repeatedly have failed to provide the State Department with the requested resources. Instead she narrowly tailored her critique to the two-year period when Republicans were in control of the House, failing to mention that Democrats have also “cut” the president’s budget request. Thus her remarks lacked significant context."

"Indeed, it is almost as if Boxer is living in a time warp, repeating talking points from six months ago that barely acknowledge the fact that extensive investigations have found little evidence of her claim that “there was not enough security because the budget was cut.”"

"State Department officials repeatedly told Congress that a lack of funds was not an issue. Instead, security was hampered because of bureaucratic issues and management failures. In other words, given the internal failures, no amount of money for the State Department likely would have made a difference in this tragedy."

You liberals should really try to check your facts closer.

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