A Nex 6 for a Rx100 owner (not able to make up my mind)

Started Dec 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
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xabain2003 Junior Member • Posts: 30
A Nex 6 for a Rx100 owner (not able to make up my mind)

Hi All
I have read many post and reviews about it but I am no able to make my mind.
Sorry to annoy you again with the same theme..

I own a Rx100 from a year now and I love this camara.It has allowed me to progress to another level and understand more the photography.

And now I am thinking about what should be my next jump..

The idea was to get the nex6 with its kits lens plus a sigma 35 mm but I have read in a few treads that this will not mean an improvement from what I already have, that video in the Nex 6 is bad..

So I am very confuse because I thought an APSC sensor would allo better bokeh with the 35 mm lens, less noise etc..

The EVF is also a plus and my only dislike is the flash sync speed.

Perhaps I should wait to see what the future bring in new equipments as the A7 it is out of my budget.


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