Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

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Re: Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

Aberaeron wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

The a58 doesn't support UHS. The only slts that do are the a77 and a99. Any other camera will max out at 25 MB/s, the limit of the SD spec. A basic class 10 card will limit your camera, but there's no point paying extra for write speeds above those 25 MB/s.

Which is why I see no advantage from using a 90 card to a normal 45mbs card.

This is true for those not using a a77/99 (not true as a general statement as those using cameras capable of using the faster speed will see a pronounced advantage in rapid emptying of the buffer).

How do you know the write speed of the 77/99 is faster than the 57/58/65?
As far as I can see, everyone is guessing on assumptions that are based largely on guesswork.

No guesswork/assumptions, actual experience reported earlier in this thread (and many previous threads on this topic) by myself and others, along with a multitude of YouTube videos out there demonstrating the superior performance of the 90MB/s cards with the a77/a99. You state "I see no advantage..." after others have taken the time to document and demonstrate their results; on what do you base your dismissal of the facts and first-hand experiences reported here?

DPReview even describes this in their reviews. Here are a couple (faster results with UHS-1 cards in the a77, not so with the a65)...

a77 Review (scroll down to the Continuous Shooting Section or search "UHS" on the page): "As you can see, with our current UHS-I SDHC test memory card, the A77 turns in a much better performance... if you intend to use the 77's continuous shooting modes regularly, a UHS-I SDHC memory card would be a very smart investment."

a65 Review describing UHS-1 card results: " ...a wait of up to around 25 sec can still seem quite long when you're out in the field, desperately waiting for your camera to be ready for the next burst while your subject is disappearing into the bushes... All in all though, for most users the difference is probably too small to justify the investment in a UHS-I card."

My cards are all UHS-1, whether 45 or 90 mb/s and my cameras are as listed. The g6 does shoot 40fps for 39 frames but the buffer clears in a very short time with either card speed.

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