RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

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Re: RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

edform wrote:

I had a good listen to your clip on my monitoring system - ultra high quality sound card, valve amplifier and Stax Electrostatic headphones - and the background noise level is simply not acceptable. Not only is there wide range noise at much too high a level but I can hear bacon frying as well.

The link below is a short video shot on the landing outside my office a few minutes ago. If you listen to it with the level set the same as you use for the clip you posted you should hear no electronic noise at all but, if you listen carefully, you will hear my son snoring quietly a couple of times. He's 30 feet away and behind a closed door.


I didn't upload the video to the forum because it's full resolution and well over 50Mb for only 27 seconds. It was shot with out-of-the-box settings so microphone gain level was 8. I'm pretty certain the RX10 has digital filtering for the constant mechanically transmitted camera noises because there is no evidence whatsoever on the sound track of the type of camera noise audible with the ear pressed to the baseplate of the camera.

If I shove the output level way beyond realistic level there is broadband noise very similar to water lapping against stones, a typical artefact of digital sound systems with the name Dolby somewhere in the mix. At silly levels the sound becomes notably 'steely' as amplifier noise creeps in. There is no shot noise and nothing like the hiss level you have. your camera hisses like a snake and has random shot noise as well.

Hope this helps you.

Ed Form

Thanks so much for this Ed - that's a tremendous help. Much less hiss in your video - as you say you can hear your son snoring a couple of times. As I say in my test clip, I had some traffic noise but you can't hear it as it's completely drowned out by the hiss.

I've passed your findings onto the Sony salesman I'm dealing (I hope you don't mind) and I'll report back what his testing shows.

Thanks again.

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