RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

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Re: RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

edform wrote:

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wade maney wrote:

From page 87 of the RX 10 manual dealing with shooting movies: "The noise of the lens and the product in operation will also be recorded, when [On] is selected." Hope this helps.

Thanks - I am aware of this with things like zoom and focus noise. But the level of hiss in the RX10 audio is like nothing I've heard before straight out of a camera.

My RX100M2 had clean sounding audio - just the faint whirring of the zoom motor when zooming. I'm just rather shocked my RX10 audio sounds so bad.

I said in my previous post that nothing can be done about this noise because it's in the camera's mic amps, but I'm inclined to judge this as unacceptable and a return as faulty case. When the sound level in our house falls after the family is in bed, I'll check my own RX10 for the same problem.

I'm also going to write to Sony for an explanation of the mic amp behaviour - it may have an over enthusiastic automatic gain control. I suspect this because the hiss doesn't seem audible when you are speaking in the clip. I'll have a listen on my Stax headphones later because the sound quality of this tablet isn't much cop,

In the enquiry with Sony I'll also try to find out the dynamic range of the amps; it's possible that an external mic and amp or a higher output external microphone will keep the AGC quenched by injecting sufficient background sound level.

Ed Form

Thanks very much, Ed.

I've just heard back from the Sony salesman who acknowledges it is 'pretty bad' (his words) and he's going to test another unit tonight.

Hopefully it is a case of a faulty unit - I know internal mics are very limited but I didn't think the RX10's would be this bad.

Steve Huff's review of the RX10 was very complimentary of the audio quality. He said:

With the RX10 it did amazingly well in all areas, INCLUDING the built-in mic, which is one of the best I have heard built into any $1300-$2000 camera. Nice full sound comes from the built-in mics in this camera. Much better than the tinny mics of some higher end DSLR’s even.

On this basis I thought I may have been able to get away without an external mic.

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