Compact camera with prime lens for outdoors use

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Compact camera with prime lens for outdoors use


I am experienced SLR user of some decades standing, looking for some expert guidance on a suitable compact camera, of which I know little.

My usage requirements are very specific and are detailed below.

Primary use will be outdoors, mostly wilderness areas with some exposure to dust & moisture.

Camera needs to be small to medium size (not micro or tiny), ideally pocket-sized.  I want a quality compact camera easily accessible without having to carry or dig a bulky SLR out of my backpack.

Photography will be of hiking, fishing, hunting & camping products & settings, generally from 0.5 to 5 metres.

I want a quality prime lens with big aperture for good bokeh, about 24mm on DX sensor, or 35mm on FX.

Want excellent internal fill-in flash capability

high shutter speed flash sync

fitting for remote shutter release – most likely a GPS type radio remote release, or similar unless there has been an improvement in IR remotes in recent times (my experience is they lack distance capability outside of 2 metres and often must have direct line of sight to the IR sensor)

tripod connection

6Mb or larger digital photos

Option for manual modes of operation as well as auto/program modes

Wide, easily accessed ISO range

Any other suggestions welcome.



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