RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

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Re: RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

lancespring wrote:

No sure what you are picking up, as I have noticed no such thing. And I've also watched lots of videos from other RX10 owners.

The RX10 is a solid state unit, so there is no tape drive mechanism operating to create noise. There is no cooling fan inside it either. Those are two issues that can cause noise issues on camcorders.

If you switch to manual focus, does the noise go away? Or what if you totally turn off Steadyshot? Does that affect the noise?

The power zoom has a motor, but it should be totally silent when not zooming. If yours is making noise, that would not be normal.

It won't require much level to drown out the noise as the levelmis low, but it is a definite feature of the way the camera works. With the camera on in either stills or movie mode, pressing the base plate against an ear will let you hear the sound.

Nothing affects either the presence or level of the sound; it remains unaltered by steady shot stills, steady shot movies and autofocus settings.

It doesn't bother me at all; granddaughters are much too high in SPL to allow a whisper of noise to be audible, but if I was worried I'd process the sound track to remove the noise. Alternatively I'd use an external microphone on an isolating mount - the Rode X/Y Stereo is down around £125 now and is fitted with an isolating mount as standard - it also has a very good front/rear discrimination ratio for a much better focus on the sounds being made by what you are pointing the camera at. I can't think why everyone hasn't got one - I'd better get one on order. (:oD).

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