GXR S10 mount for DW-6 adapter - Ricoh HA-3 or JJC RHA-3?

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Re: GXR S10 mount for DW-6 adapter - Ricoh HA-3 or JJC RHA-3?

The RHA-3 doesn't look very different. I doubt that the small differences which can be seen would cause vignetting.

Edit: Oh and I'm still around in the Ricoh-section despite really having to the hang of a Contax TVS Digital during the last year which I use far more than the GRDI as it can be carried in a pocket without dust-issues. Not very unlike that of older Ricohs like the R3 which I still use.

The TVSD have a similar intuitive UI and short shutter release lag as well. Iso 320 is surprisingly useful for being an old 5mp compact, 1/1.8" ccd. The lens is nothing special in terms of range (35-105mm) but performs very well, smooth bokeh in macro and CA/PF has rarely been an issue coupled with a good jpg engine except for the default sharpening which is too high. But -1 and works like a charm, as for many of the older Ricohs.

Gonna test the Contax I4R next as soon as I can find one reasonably priced. Clearly not the same UI as far as button layout seems and a smaller 1/2.7" 4mp ccd instead of the 1/1.8" and a fixed 39mm lens.

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