D5100 frequently fails to take a shot

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Re: D5100 frequently fails to take a shot

It is possible there is a fault with the camera, but I would make absolutely sure before I sent it in for repair.

Can you identify what condition causes it to fail? Is it completely random? Only indoors? Only with one lens?  Is the battery charged?

Will it focus on a the crown of a tree that is over 10' away and in the sun 100% of the time? I would think it should.

Is your subject too close for your lens to focus on? It varies from lens to lens but they all have a minimum focusing distance.

Have you read the manual? Focusing begins on page 32: http://www.nikonusa.com/pdf/manuals/dslr/D5100_EN.pdf

Test everything.  See what works and what fails.  If it were me I would start in Aperture Priority and AF-S.  If the camera has an auto focus switch, I don't remember, make sure it is set to AF.  If the lens has an auto focus switch likewise. Make sure the center focus point is selected, point the lens so that focus point fall right on a nice contrasty spot, like place the edge of a window or door frame right through the middle of that center focus point, so the focus point is half on a dark area and half on a light area, and see what happens.  If it cant focus on that when the light is good, and you are not too close, then you have a problem.  Switch lenses.  If you still have a problem it is the camera, if not, then it is the lens.  Make sure the electrical contacts on the body and lens are clean, if you think they may not be clean and try again.  Is the camera clean on the inside?  Try blowing it out with a rocket blower.  Not your mouth, and not canned air!  Do it again with the mirror up (On the setup menu.)

If you are sure it is the camera, my condolences.  Find an authorized Nikon shop.

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