LF1 owners, your comments, please

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Re: LF1 owners, your comments, please

I think that for battery savings I'd prefer the EVF switch over a sensor, which I imagine would always need to be active looking for an eye? Does such an eye level sensor already exist & work? If you immediately want to review every capture on the LCD, the the switch takes getting used to. For me, I don't playback images much, have review turned off & am also used to the button.

I'd prefer in the next version that that the diopter dial have a lock & the EVF be 50% bigger. I like the longer reach over the LX7's. My rationale is that to gain a wider view, it's MUCH easier to back up a couple of steps than it is to create a telephoto view with a too short lens.

I'd also prefer the body to be a bit longer for better hand grip. My largest annoyance is that the rear dial is so small, too sensitive to press toggle vs. turn & turns in the wrong direction for my thinking, as say do Nikon lenses vs. Canon. But I too often press toggle when I'm trying to spin the dial. It's too small!

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