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Re: Another jpg to jpg tweak, without fiddling with raw... Nikon D600 this time

1) So, if the starting point is that I want to shoot jpg with, say, my D600, how much dynamic range (DR) do I lose?

The RAW DR at base ISO for the D610 is 14.4 stops, according to DxO.

The jpeg DR at base ISO for the D600, is something like 11.9 stops, according to PpR's graph.

No, you can't use those numbers directly.

Do you have a printer? If you do, print an A4 page with vey dark grey L=25 on dark grey background L=35, 12 points text, serif. Shoot raw + jpeg, progressively underexposed. See how much underexposure each tolerates. Try at different ISO settings.

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