A7 from Nex 5N, 7...what a GREAT camera

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Re: A7 from Nex 5N, 7...what a GREAT camera

cxsparc wrote:

kazkioken wrote:

...with the Metabones Speed Booster for FD. While the extra speed is wonderful the larger sensor is just in a different league.

Could you do me and probably othersa big favor and post two comparison shots in low and in good light, one with the speedbooster on 5N, and the other on the A7?

That would be simply a great help!

BTW, where did you get your FD speedbooster? I have been looking for one for quite some time.

Would love to it's just going to take some time my Speedbooster is on an FS100 on a video shoot for a while.  I do still have my Lens Turbos - I could try shooting with one of those (only difference is minor in the corners).  I can pretty much tell you what it will look like though, the 5N with SB/LensT will be one stop brighter...the corners will be slightly more blurry, and the A7 will have more detail resolved - and this is a generalization it will depend greatly on the subject and light conditions obviously.  I use the SB's more for video work and I'm dying to get my hands on the Nikon->BMPCC to get the f 0.7 out of my Nikon 50 1.2!  (insane 1.5 stops of light gained)

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