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JPEG recovery nothing new here

gabriel foto wrote:

imac2001 wrote:

Dear Gabriel,

It is raining here in Baton Rouge and I'm feeling lazy, so I searched for D700 full size JPEGs to look for an image with a high dynamic range. The best I could find was at this site:


Here is the original:

This one used Lightroom shadow recovery and highlight recovery:

It is hard to draw too many conclusions here, but there was enough information to recover these shadows and highlights. Would it work with an image like the ones you posted? Probably, but I can't be sure.

Thanks John,

Interesting! The differences are perhaps not that dramatic, but this may be because the dark shadows in the original image are not really that dark. The darkest, I think, is the door and the shadows in the lower left corner. In the shadows, indeed, the D700 jpeg does seem to have a great deal more information than what is first apparent.

The door comes out somewhat lifeless, though - this resembles what I have seen before. Very dark jpg mush comes out a little grey, and the black point is easily lost. I thinked you nailed this tweak perfectly and it looks better than what I have achieved before.

Two things would be interesting, I think:

1) to quantify the shadow lifting possible with jpegs from different cameras. Ideally, using difficult, underexposed high-contrast images.

2) To see more examles of what you can all come up with - more D700 examples? A D800 jpeg, anyone? A Nikon Df? A Canon 6D?


you only have to go look at the dpreview dynamic range tests that show the jpeg results between cameras to see that Df is about normal

pulling details out jpegs in the highlights and shadows is nothing new

of course you touch on the on the issue endemic in high dynamic range images, they lose there punch

althoug I think it works very well when you have a very bright area and very dark with little in between,

the limitation is principally the display medium

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