On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Readings

It would be harder to explain the A7/D610 V/H switch as a result of the shape of the 'fill' factor, since both sensors were designed by Sony and it is suspected that they come off the same fab line. And I am not sure how the CFA could cause such an effect, especially given how the MTF50 measurements are made off the white balanced raw data only.

The Bayer CFA and, if present the microlens array, are of very different material than the underlying 'silicon' sensor. So its brought up in registry in a later processing step. Obviously there are fabrication tolerances. I could imagine that a very slight displacement of the CFA would lead to a minor light spill and a concomitant reduction of edge contrast in that direction. The next batch has random other displacements inside the tolerance field.

This displacement is wild speculation. A serious discussion would need V/H data from several samples of a camera model.

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