NJ service center??

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Re: NJ service center??

Sal18 wrote:

Thank you, Steven and Michael. So far I've not been able to get it to repeat this behavior. My concern is that there is one month left on the warranty and ir may not do this again during this time. However, it is probably a good idea to re-do the firmware update? Do the recent one again? And a camera reset. (ugh!)


I have had issues getting intermittent problems repaired.  If they can't quickly reproduce it, they can't fix it.

I had an issue with a 7D that would lock up a few times a day.  Removing the battery would reset it, but if the lockout occurred at the wrong time, I could lose the shot.

The first two times I sent the camera in, they found nothing wrong, and sent it back.  To be fair, the techs don't have the time to sit around playing with the camera hoping it will fail.

I am a CPS member and complained.  I sent it back a third time and they replaced some main board, which fixed the problem.

The advantage of sending it in now, is that you get it on record that the failure occurred during the warranty period.  If you are lucky, you will get a 6 month warranty on the "repair".

If you already have the latest firmware, I would not bother with updating again.

I would double check the manual to make sure that this is a camera malfunction and not user error.  For instance, even when the camera is set to RAW, HDR images will be saved as JPEG.

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