Oops, I did it again - ran out of batteries on my sb-910

Started Dec 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Oops, I did it again - ran out of batteries on my sb-910

This morning I ran out of batteries on my sb-910 again. I came to conclusion I am very disorganized and sloppy regarding my "battery management" of my speedlight and need to get organized and create workflow. It wasn't a paid job so no big harm done, for paid job my batteries are always full, but again... In first moment I felt frustrated but now I just feel silly.

I'm using 12 eneloop 1.900mAh (4x3 sets) and in the end I somehow manage to confuse them. Sometimes I "borrow" them for second camera, leave them half full, don't know anymore which are full and which are empty etc.

I shoot mostly TTL or some other automated mode so I am never sure how do I stand with batteries, sometimes I get more, sometimes less shots because of ambient light and other settings.

First thing, I decided to use magic marker and colorize each set differently, so I can't confuse individual batteries from separate sets any more. Do you think this is good idea? Do you have any better idea?

Second, do you know some other type of batteries which would last longer/recycle faster? Eneloop 1.900mAh are fine, but maybe I should just get the best on market.

Third, Is it possible to check battery charge status  in percentage on sb-910 or via camera (d7000)? I think this is impossible, and when speedlight indicates low battery it is often too late.

Fourth, is there any external battery charge indicator which would reliably meter eneloop charge status?

Fourth, do you have any other suggestions, how to improve my workflow?


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