5d mk ii, how to turn off autofocus?

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Re: 5d mk ii, how to turn off autofocus?

If you want to use your camera for video, you better not use the camera AF, not even the back button. It will result in hunting, changing of the video light levels, etc. Manual focus is the way to go.

If you are serious about it, you have a range of cinema lenses that do not have AF but the manual focus is improved ( the Canon are very expensive but you can find some from Samyang that offer great image quality and good price). You should avoid lenses that have a "fly by wire" manual AF. That means when you move the AF ring to manual focus there will be a delay in focusing and sometimes overshooting. If you choose lenses with autofocus, the USM lens are the best as you cand turn the focus ring and focus manually without putting the lens on manual mode. Canon has some great IS lenses ( primes and zoom) and the new primes that are on the market with IS included (24mm IS, 28mm IS and 35mm IS ) are clearly focused on video.  IS will help you a lot if you shoot hand held.

Also for your camera you can use the Magic Lantern firmware that allows focus peaking and helps a lot with manual focus.

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