Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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Re: Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

Jim wrote:

crashpc wrote:

Jim wrote:

You would crank up the ISO to preserve shutter speed. With the G1X you can easily do that without image degradation well beyond what the G15/16 can do by lowering their AV settings. The fundamental issue with the G15/G16 is that they have small sensors. Like I said before, in good light it really doesn't matter which camera is used because you aren't taxing the sensor so all will produce good results.

Anyway and as previously mentioned, each will have to decide how the portability/image quality/price issues of each camera factor into their respective equations.

Oh my. I will jump 30ft in height. Do you not know, that exposure is made of time X aperture X ISO speed? Well, If you do, you´d know, that with the same time and lower f number, you should LOWER your ISO speed to get the same exposure. So no, you do not have to crank up ISO speed so much. That´s why I was able to shoot with ISO3200 instead of ISO8000, otherwise it would be blown out. And while that fast lens compensates for poorer light very well, it does not use it´s power in good light, where good sensor of G1X with its dynamic range and lower noise can show the difference.

Respectfully, I know how cameras work. I think we've both made our points and it's probably time for this conversation to politely conclude.

Happy New Year


I´m not here to make flame, but this is how mistakes are solved? You´re maybe right that the topic is discussed trough and "depleted". I just showed a situation in which Smaller Gs can keep up. You said They don´t. What do you expect me to do? Isn´t it natural reaction to negate that, is it impolite to disagree?

I actually SHOWED (dpr images and my one) that those small cams with  almost two and half stop faster lens (tele reach of G1X) are more powerfull (adequate or even better image If your eyes are healthy to see that) to compensate for High ISO noise. Of course you can say yours, I agree that it is only one aspect of photography witch does not make those Gs better cams. But it does have to do nothing with politeness. You stated your point openly in public, and You are supposed to hold it or face different version of "truth" :-D. Nothing impolite here. I beliebe that showed facts have more power than just a word, and we both continued on this topic. Nothing wrong. From my angle of view, you just push to end this discussion, because you have "nothing"...

Okay, I wont push more.

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Why does he do it?

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