mac mini with hi res screen (more than 1900 x1200)?

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Re: mac mini with hi res screen (more than 1900 x1200)?

iFaceproblems wrote:

Was something like this what you meant?:

If so, I don't see where I could possibly plug in the various endings.

On the "box", I see a USB port and a DVI port. I think you are supposed to plug one end of a dual-link DVI cable (bring your own ?!?) into the port on the adapter, and the other into your monitor. (For a plain DVI cable, dual-link just means that more of the pins are actually connected to wires.)

At the other end, I see a USB plug and a smaller plug. I'm guessing you plug the small plug into the Thunderbolt port on the Mini.

I'm not sure if the USB connections are here so that the thing can suck electrical power from one of your USB ports, or so that you can run a USB connection for a wired keyboard out to where your monitor is going to be.

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