D5100 frequently fails to take a shot

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Re: D5100 frequently fails to take a shot

I've done some exploration given your earlier comments. I did a reset of all settings (holding down menu and i buttons for a few seconds) and still have a problem, and I'm quite sure I still have the problem on the other lens too.

There are 11 spots visible through the lens when I take a picture. One or more of them light up when, it seems to me, the camera detects sufficient contrast at a spot. More than one spot may light up when the AF-area mode is set to auto, but only one if any of the other three modes are set. Sometimes, no spot lights up even though I think there is sufficient contrast at that spot or nearby it, and of course the camera doesn't take a shot then.

If a spot lights up, the camera then attempts to focus. I hear a tone when it seems to me the camera has succeeded at focusing. Often the spot flashing and the tone sounding seem to occur simultaneously but that seems to depend on whether or not the auto-focus motor needs to make a significant adjustment. Often after hearing the tone, the camera takes a shot, but often I hear the tone and the camera doesn't take a shot. Why not? In this situation, the camera seems to have the contrast it requires, adjusts the focus as required, but doesn't take the shot. What are possible reasons for this please?

TIA .... Greg

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