D5100 frequently fails to take a shot

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Re: D5100 frequently fails to take a shot

gvm7777 wrote:

The camera has functioned OK for about 18 months but all of a sudden it has started failing to focus and therefore does not take shots. I always use it in Automatic mode. It does succeed at focusing and then taking shots sometimes but more often it fails. When it fails, the autofocus motor runs but since proper focus is not achieved, the shutter does not operate.

I have performed an autofocus test after downloading a test page. The autofocus seems well adjusted.

Is this a well-known problem that can be fixed by a user like me? For warranty service I have to ship it from Australia to USA and I've heard stories that cameras with problems like this come back with same fault.

TIA for any advice /suggestions .... Greg


I own a D5100 and have taken about 9000 pictures with it. I have no problem with focussing at all ( and I use focus priority, so if no focus , the camera cannot take a picture ) and I did not read about this being a known problem, so IMO it is not. The D5100 is a very good dslr.

One possibility is that you are to close to the subject you want to take a picture of and the lens cannot achieve focus at all.

I would suggest that to start you reset the camera to the default settings first ( hold the MENU and info buttons , both are marked with a green dot , for more the 2 seconds ).

Place the camera in AUTO mode as you are used to and try if the focus problem still exists ( try to focus on a subject in good lighting conditions , outside in bright light eg ).

If the problem still is present, can you reproduce it with another lens ?? Do you have a friend owning a dslr ( or camerastore ) where you can discuss your problem ?

I hope this sets you on the way to find the answer.


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