A7 from Nex 5N, 7...what a GREAT camera

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Re: A7 from Nex 5N, 7...what a GREAT camera

vajrasattva wrote:

Is it really THAT much better? What differences are truly due to the sensor vs the lenses you are using? These are serious questions too as I am curious. I love my N7 but there are times when GAS appears is brought on by others comments or shots.

For me, it is definitely that much better.  I'm not using different lenses - in fact with the Speed Booster I am getting the same field of view PLUS an extra stop of light using my FD lenses on the NEX 5N/7 but I still prefer those lenses on the A7.  These points add up to me:

  • bigger grip on the A7
  • able to shoot much higher iso with better image quality, I can go up to 6400 and probably 12800 if I'm shooting black and white
  • much more micro contrast, and overall detail
  • controls and dials are better layed out, even compared to the fantastic tri nav on the Nex 7
  • ability to use any full frame lens I want, instead of being limited to using Speed Boosters to get full frame images on the Nex bodies.

I still have two Nex 5N bodies as backups when I need to go out and shoot but I don't have my 7 anymore.  But this is just what I think, only you can decide if it's right for you.  You should rent an A7 from someplace for a weekend and see if it works for you.  When I open my files up in Lightroom it's pretty night and day the difference I can see.  It won't stop me from using other cameras, in fact I am really loving my new Lumix GM1 (m43) - but if I need to take a keeper or am printing I will most definitely be using my A7.  I also have a Canon 1D-x which is still sitting in the shelf as I never use it - I'll bring it out if I need to shoot babies running around or sports (but that rarely ever happens).

PS the good thing is, your Nex 7 is still better than 99.99% of what normal people are using to take pics!

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