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Pentax K-500

Anybody have a K-500 here, and if you do what do you like or dislike about it? We've had one for a couple weeks now and we've decided to keep it, for now. The camera exhibits extremely sharp photos - JPEG's right out of the camera, with no imaging work done to them. Good color retention, contrast, and dynamic range. See this page HERE  We returned a couple NIkons and a Sony before we ended with the Pentax.

However there are a few things we don't like about the camera as we spend more time with it.

The viewfinder and LCD are almost impossible to see the camera settings in bright desert sunlight. This may be a problem this summer.

When trying to shoot the moon, the LCD (when using live view) the moon is blown out, so much so that manually focusing is a real time consuming guessing game. As our Album HERE  shows we have managed to  succeed. And the result for a 50-200mm kit lens is great. But the LCD technology is really lacking.

It's too easy to change settings with the little wheels when making changes to some other options on the camera and often end up with an f stop we didn't want, without knowing we had changed it.

One other concern, when shooting at night on snow or water these little white dots show up. A lot of them. Look at the night flash shot in the snow at original size and you'll see what I mean. Also when we were looking for samples shots for this camera we found this one shot HERE and if you look at this full sized. you'll see in the water next to the shore the small white dots. We've never seen this before in our Canon, Panasonic, or Sony photos under these conditions. Kinda of reminds me of the problem Fuji had.

In our album you'll see the parking lot photo and notice all the detail and how easy it is to read all the signs in the photo. Great sharpness! There are several night shots, that worked out nicely, there is also a crop of the rabbit taken at 200mm with the cheap 50-200mm kit lens, which is surprising and leads to the question -- what would these look like with an excellent lens on the camera?  Also there are two night shots, the one with the 4x4's hood was a shot used to gain focus then to shift to the left for the other shot to get the flash to fire. In the shot without the 4x4's  hood in the photo, the camera couldn't lock on a focus and wouldn't fire. We take a lot of photos at night of animals in the desert so we had to find a way to make this work. This is how we found the white dots. Too many of them to fix the photo.

The high ISO photos with this camera are amazing. We do like it, but some of the technology needs improving.

Okay so what kind of experience have you had with your new K-500?


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Pentax K-500
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