Stylus 1 to LX7: "Would the tall guy in front please remove his hat!"

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Re: Aaron, I beg to differ !

no worries mate I got some wasp spray stuff in the shed  

don't want to nit pick here but  I did mean a 100% viewfinder , the 6D is far behind the EOS 1dx or the 5D mark 3. The rebels have a pentamirror which is even worse. I purchased a nikon D70 to use a smaller carry around SLR but the viewfinder was hopeless for me at least. The sad thing is that the 1980's Nikon f3 had a larger view than current  proSLRs.

Live view is excellent for landscapes I heartily agree , In fact Nikon recommend it on the D800e to get maximum sharpness on a tripod , no mirror slap etc . The bridge shot was on a tripod with live view.


PS had a quiet chuckle too at your post 4 year experienced mirrorless shooter picks up DSLR doesn't like it ,A fellow Pro photographer picked up my Fuji , " whats the point of this rubbish".

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