I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but if you own an A7 or A7r and are looking

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Re: Getting back to the initial objective of this thread...

Miki Nemeth wrote:

My question is what issues do you have with your 24mm lenses? I have a Minolta 20mm/f2.8 MD and I use it with great joy on my A7 (I am just a fun-photographer, though). IMHO, Sony has designed the A7 specifically for photography geeks who are willing to spend thousands on buying old legacy lenses. I am not sure, if this was done deliberately, though. Anyhow, I would not have bought the A7 without this "special feature": state-of-the-art digital imaging technology combined with utterly cool, retro, pure-metal-glass lenses. I am thrilled.

likewise for me, with the a7r! the picture quality is excellent... but it doesn't handle wide glass quite as well as the a7, there is more vignetting... there is a thread on the fred miranda forum about what the best wide angle glass is for these cameras, you can see a bunch of examples that illustrate the problems... vignetting, color cast, etc.

everything that i'm shooting on the a7r is legacy glass, i don't have any native glass.

this camera is so demanding that I've already returned a pentax-mount rokinon 14mm lens, that i had purchased right before the a7r... it looked kinda weird on my pentax camera, but on the a7r, about a third of the field, around the edges, especially on the left side, was smeared and ugly... it was probably de-centered.

i have a 24mm f2.0 kiron that i paid $160 for, years ago, and it never looked right fully open... on the a7r, i can see that it's probably decentered as well... i have a couple of 28mm f2.0 kirons that both have serious smearing issues, near the edge of the frame, that start to go away when stopped down, but never get perfect... I've tried a couple of cheap adapters, no difference... the list goes on.

blow your pics up to 100%, and take a peep... process 'em and see how they print out.

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