Is this photo noisy or normal according to you (A77+SAL70300G SSM)

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Re: Is this photo noisy or normal according to you (A77+SAL70300G SSM)

kartikjayaraman wrote:

Ed, those are some wonderful pics. Here is one shot I took today at f/5.6 - I will try and lower the aperture to f/8 and test some more: Not a very tight crop, but look at the bokeh (background) part - your bokeh seems much more pleasing to the eyes. I see some grain in mine - what do you think?

I have noticed two things in your shots:

1. The noise looks like it has been sharpened more than the default in Lightroom.

2. There is some color noise left in your backgrounds. In my experience with Lightroom and a77, this only happens if you either reduce the amount of color noise reduction from the default settings, or you push the brightness of an underexposed photo.

So I am curious about your exact Lightroom settings. You say that you use defaults, but defaults can be changed, so if you have used Lightroom for a long time, you have perhaps at some stage modified the defaults?

Could you upload the raw and the exported JPG from Lightroom somewhere, for example to dropbox, so we can have a look at them?

(I ask for the exported JPG because Lightroom embeds all processing settings as metadata in the exported files - but it seems that dpreview strips them so I can't extract those metadata from the photos we see here.)

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