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Re: Help please canon G16 Videoing

digitalcuriosity wrote:

boogisha wrote:

Could you please link me to one of the "full camera manuals" you`re talking about? If this is the one (for G10), then that is also a "Camera User Guide", the same one I linked for G16. It is the same document (with the same name), so they`re still providing it.

But, if you wanted to say that they decreased its volume (308 pages for G10, 214 pages for G16), also decreasing the amount of info provided in it (not to mention that it isn`t included as a printed copy inside the box anymore), than that is another thing. Though, I see that the same document for G11 has only 196 pages.

I do find the provided (online) document helpful, not saying that even more info wouldn`t be appreciated, but that is not the point here, I just commented on your remark that they`re not providing a PDF anymore.

Am I missing something here, is there an actual, Canon provided PDF called "full camera manual" for G10/G11, as you`re referring to? I`m asking because I`d be interested to see if there`s anything new I could find out from there. Thanks.

In my G10 manual "that came with camera" starting on page 104 MovieShooting and ending on page 112. In my G11 manual "that came with camera" starting on page 113 and ending on page 120. Both manuals give you basic how to make movies using the cameras. I do not think Canon has these full manuals on their web site, maybe calling the Canon 24/7 support line they can give you any needed help.

I see. But could you please check the PDF camera guides that I linked, for G10/G11 and confirm if those are the same as your printed ones (as they actually should be)? If not, could you provide links for those full camera manual PDFs for G10/G11 you were talking thinking of when you said this:

digitalcuriosity wrote:

Canon has not provided a full PDF manual file for the G16 on their web site. But if you get the PDF manual for the older G10 or G11 manual, it will give you a lot of Info.

Checking those G10/G11 PDF user guides for page numbers you mentioned seems to be about right, so I guess those are the ones you are referring to - as it is the G16 PDF I provided the link for, and you said it`s not a "user manual" but a basic guide. I wouldn`t agree

Even more, if you compare topics discussed in those "movie mode" pages inside G10/G11  PDFs, you`ll see that they can also be found inside the G16 PDF, too, just that document organization is a bit different - for example, movie editing part has been moved to "Playback mode" section (which might make more sense).

Having in mind that document layout changed for G16, and that the whole document is more "computer viewing friendly" oriented (and not printed), the reorganization seems logical.

So... Canon still provides the same documents on their website as they ever were, and G16 one doesn`t seem to be lacking info in comparison to previous models It`s called "Camera User Guide", and while people do refer to it as "camera manual" it`s not its official name, thus the confusion (and all this is not to be confused with "Getting Started" guide, as that is something else, and I never linked that one).

On the other side, it`s really shame that they don`t provide a printed copy of the manual anymore, especially for these still pricier models, and I totally agree about that

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