Sony A3000 images are impressive

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Re: The only rumors so far are

Greynerd wrote:

Good marketing putting the best sensor in the cheaper bodies initially.

I wouldn't call it the 'best' sensor, but it is better than what they put in the NEX 6, 5R, 5T, etc.

I worry that with the fire sale going on, no one bought these during the holiday shopping season and now Sony is dumping them.  That is good news for us.

DT200 wrote:

areichow wrote:

Is it announced? Where did you get that info?
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Nothing announced, just the usual predictions about Sony abandoning APS-C and/or smaller NEX-style cameras in favor of giant SLR lookalikes.

The only rumors so far are for a larger NEX 7 replacement and a couple new Alpha mount bodies. One rumor called 2014 the year of Alpha (although everything is an Alpha but not an Alpha mount).

Sony also said the next 5 lenses will be FE mount which means larger than if they were APS. With the A3000 and new NEX 7 replacement those lenses will look good and balance well. Only it won't be a small package.

It is strange that Sony has new 20MP sensor and only is putting in the A58 and A3000. Maybe they are still working on adding PDAF pixels.

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