Do you see in APS-C?

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Do you see in APS-C?

Aside from all the debates about FF vs. APS-C quality (please, let's not make this another one), I still notice that a lot of people talk about 35mm equivalence when discussing lenses, depth of field, etc.

On one level, I understand why FF has become the standard of comparison, since 35mm film was dominant for so long. I grew up on it too. However, I don't convert when I'm working with APS-C. I'm not sure if this is because I've used it since the Nikon D70, or if it is just the way my brain works and that is why I'm interested in what others do. Here are a few other examples I thought of about the way my mind works.

When I run a marathon, I think in miles, because the race is measured that way. When I run a 10K or 20K, I think in kilometers. No converting.

When I am cooking and the recipe is in metric, I don't convert to USCU or Fahrenheit (yes, I'm American), I just work in metric.

When I speak Spanish, I don't think in English first, because I'm fairly fluent. However, when I speak Italian, I often do think in English first because I'm not as fluent.

So, when I shoot in APS-C, and I'm going to shoot a portrait, I grab my 60mm and for street, I gab my 23mm. I set my f-stops and think about my hyperfocal distance for each lens and format independently; I don't convert. I still shoot FF too, and just do the same.

Since this forum is full of people who either shoot both, or have switched to Fuji from FF, I'm just wondering what you do? How do you see and what is your thought process?

I know there are people here who have shot many more formats than I have. My suspicion is that you don't convert to the arbitrary FF. Is that true?

I appreciate anyone sharing their experience. This isn't about right and wrong, better or worse, just what is your photographic experience between systems.


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