Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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Re: Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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crashpc wrote:

I´m not gonna argue that you´re not right. Because you are. You all are right. But you´ve seen something... I doubt that DPR falsificated those from G15, so there can be situations, when G1X is not better no matter what. I didn´t want to show that G15 is better, maybe those images looks like it is, I don´t mind and I believe it isn´t. My point was, that the decision between G1X and G15/G16 is healthy, valid, and has its logic. Those cams can get in situations, when it can show its specific kind of strenght over another cam. That´s all. That´s why recommended EOS DSLR for the same price instead of big compact cam. Focus speed is too important these days.

We all are disqualified of this decision, because ve have and love our cams. G1X vs G15 would be valid from someone (more people) who owns both for longer time.

I don't think that anyone is saying that the G15, G16 or G1X are bad cams. In good light, it doesn't matter which you use. In poor light it matters very much. This is where the G1X absolutely excels because you can crank the ISO way up and not denigrate image quality. So the choice is fairly clear....if you want more pocketability or desire to shoot macros fairly often, then the G15/G16 is the better choice. If you want higher image quality in good light AND low light situations then the G1X is the clear winner. Then there is the matter of price. The G16 and G1X aren't that different from a price standpoint but the G15 is cheaper these days. Those are the choices and only you can be the judge which combination of price performance is best for you.


That´s where I disagree.
Why one would crank up ISO? Well, propably because there is not enaugh light. So you HAVE TO crank it up. You don´t have to with smaller Gs... You don´t have to crank up ISO speed with G15. That´s it´s power. The same as Neo doesn´t have to run away, when they shoot at him. From what I see, I have exactly opposite opinion - where great contrast and lots of light is, G1X totally kicks butt. Once it goes dark, G15 kicks in :-). Is that Tea shot any worse at noise and sharpness than previous (foood) one from G1X series?

You would crank up the ISO to preserve shutter speed. With the G1X you can easily do that without image degradation well beyond what the G15/16 can do by lowering their AV settings. The fundamental issue with the G15/G16 is that they have small sensors. Like I said before, in good light it really doesn't matter which camera is used because you aren't taxing the sensor so all will produce good results.

Anyway and as previously mentioned, each will have to decide how the portability/image quality/price issues of each camera factor into their respective equations.

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