Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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Re: Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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Rob Tomlin wrote:

Oh, I think more than 5 years having gone by for Nikon's first FF camera and to see that there haven't been any significant improvements in that amount of time other than the expected higher resolution is pretty surprising.

There have been many improvements over the past 5 years. If you have not owned at least a few cameras during this period, including the latest models available now, then you will not understand how camera technology and postprocessing has progressed. Ming expressed this well when he wrote, "A professional camera is misnomer: image quality in any DSLR now is light years ahead of what was considered ‘pro’ just five years ago. Either is more than sufficient."

So a D610 has IQ that is light years ahead of the D700 (introduced around October 2008)?

I think not.

I'd personally buy the D610 over the D700 but "light years", at least in this example, is completely exaggerated. For someone that already has the D700 the improvement in IQ is likely to be "small". IMO.

It doesn't have to be "light years" ahead to be a significant improvement.

Moreover, the term "IQ" alone does not include the other achievements that have been made during the past 5 years.

Frame advance rate, shutter life, ISO sensitivity, resolution, enhanced DR, white balance accuracy, the addition of video, integration with wifi, and many other areas have had tremendous progress.

If you want to use old technology, then continue using it. The rest of us have moved on to better cameras.

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