Looking for a new m43: PL5, E-M5 or wait and see what the EM-10 brings

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Looking for a new m43: PL5, E-M5 or wait and see what the EM-10 brings

I am looking for a new camera. To make a long story short I did a good amount of photography a few years ago (only on hobby basis). I miss the possibilities more advanced cameras has when taking pictures, though I really like the Olympus XZ-1 I have right now. I used to have a Nikon D300s, and got some great pictures, but my biggest issue was the size of the camera. What I am looking for now is a very portable camera with interchangeable lens.

After looking at a good number of reviews I have decided to go for the m43 system, but now I am really puzzled. Basically I am considering the PL5 and the OM-D E-M5.

Price (I am based in Europe).

  • PL5: for 600 euro I can get a double kit with the 14-42mm and 40-150mm kit lens.
  • OM-D EM5: for 770 euro I have found a local deal including the 12-50mm lens. This is the breaking point of my budget.

I usually do concert, nature and street photography. The primary factors which makes it difficult for me to decide are the following:

EVF: I really like the photographer feeling a view finder gives. It is very handy under really bright light conditions, but also while trying to be discreet during concerts ( and avoid having a screen glowing in my face in the middle of the dark). I will not get an EVF with the PL5, unless I pay for an extra view finder, which is overpriced in my opinion. That is why I really would like to get an OM-D.

An extra lens for a lower price: If I get the PL5 kit I will have more photographic options straight away with 40-150 lens, and I will save money, so I sooner can afford a faster lens.

Weather sealing: the weather sealing, or beer sealing at concerts, is a good advantage for me. I do hiking sometimes where it would be nice to worry less about the weather when taking pictures.

The price: I am on a student budget so it would of course be nice to save 170 euro.

EM10: There are of course also rumors about a new OM-D EM10, (not be confused with the EM1). It should have the same sensor as the EM-5, but without weather sealing and a more consumer friendly price tag (no public one yet). I have heard more information should be released in January, but it is always difficult with rumors... on the other hand will the arrival maybe bring more good deals on the older models.

If you have some input on my concerns above please let me know. Especially if you have hands on experience with your own PL5 or E-M5. I am looking for a very portable camera with interchangeable lens. Thanks you very much!

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