Lens Choices for D610

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Re: Lens Choices for D610

Congratulations on your great new camera!  You'll love it, I'm sure.

I have a D800, and have been through many lenses.  I can definitely give you some feedback on this.

There are two basic scenarios for lens choices.  First - Home, family, portrait, studio and glamour.  General work.  No question about it, the lens you want is:

1.  24-70 f2.8.   That should be your first lens.  Beautiful, wonderful, lens.  It's on my camera for 90 percent of my shooting.  Great, sharp, versatile, lovely bokeh, everything you might want in a one-lens solution.  A top professional lens, world class quality.

Second broad scenario - Travel.  Here you want the most you can get from one lens.  Traveling with a big kit is awful.  For Nikon FF shooters, the best choice is:

2.  28-300 VR II.  It's a great lens, nearly as sharp as the 24-70, with VR to boot.  It's the FF version of the DX 18-200, which I also have, but the 28-300 is much, much improved.  It's not wide aperture, so much less bokeh, but that usually doesn't matter for travel.  Landscapes need sharpness, not bokeh.  I got my 28-300 after watching Scott Kelby rave about it in his travel series on NAPP, and have never regretted it.  Other pros, like Bob Krist, also rave about the lens.

With those two lenses you're very much set.  They are top lenses, and the combo is extremely versatile.  You're limited only by your abilities.  They are world-class.

A third scenario, for more advanced (and expensive) portraiture is the 85 1.4 lens.  I got one a couple years ago, and am still amazed by the beauty it's capable of.  I call it my "magic" lens.  But it's very specialized, and not one to get now.  Later, though, you might consider it.

The D610 is a wonderful camera.  I'm thinking of getting one to add to my D800.  For portraits and general work I really don't need 36 mp, and the files are gigundo.   The D610's 24 mp is pretty huge all on its own, and the 6 fps is very attractive.

Let us know how you like your D610, and do post a few pictures.

Cheers and best luck!
Tom B

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