Is this photo noisy or normal according to you (A77+SAL70300G SSM)

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Re: The camera is a mismatch for you

sybersitizen wrote:

One difficulty here is that there is no consensus about what constitutes objectionable noise, or how much extra effort, if any, might be acceptable to reduce it.

You're absolutely right.

I myself have no issue using my recently purchased A77 at ISO 1600, or higher if needed... but, similar to you, I like shooting JPEGs at 12mp, which is not what everyone wants to do. Another difficulty is that noise observed at 100% viewing of a 24mp image typically means next to nothing in terms of the real-life uses of most photographs... but many will still insist on peering at it and fretting over it. I really don't get that.

The only way it matters is if you're cropping into the image and using the crop at 100%; and everyone knows there is a price for doing that.

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