Am I barking up the wrong tree?

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Am I barking up the wrong tree?

I sold my D90 to move to a smaller system to carry with me when I travel etc. But I want to at least keep the same AF capability it had also in low light and specifically get better high ISO. A bonus would be decent weather sealing so I don't have to worry about dust/rain etc.

Dont care about FPS or a lot of other features, like video, so given that is there a small system, like NEX or Fuji EX-2 or Olympus EM1/5 that would fulfill what I am looking for?

Or do I need to give up on the "smaller" package and look at Nikon D610 or more likely Canon 6d (given the current low price it has) and maybe see if anything is announced at CES 2014 in January? Have tried the Sony A7 but the AF on that one is not even close to my old D90 and even if it is a nice camera without AF it doesn't feel like a camera I will bring with me.

Question is if what I look for doesn't exist, at least yet? I used the have the first Canon Rebel and printed pics that were all the way up to 20x30 that I got really good praise for so the Megapixel is not that important. I have realized over the years that what I need is high ISO capability since I often pull up ISO to get the picture and also need a capable AF function.

The reason I am asking is that when I think back on my old Canon G2 and original Rebel they both felt really good in the hand but were still light and I never hesitated to bring them along. I see now that some smaller APS-C and 4/3 cameras would also be in that size but can I go up high ISO and at least keep AF with any of those compared to my D90 or do I need to give up on my smaller size/lighter weight to get equal or better capability compared to my old rig D90.

I tend to shoot:
- Low Light, Dusk, Dawn and night time pictures a lot, also family or people in candle lit scenery.
- Family pictures
- Lots of travel photos
- Occasionally some action like a bird in the backyard or my young son playing soccer/tennis.

What I don't care too much about: FPS, Video fancy conversions in the camera.
However I do prefer good JPEG quality OOC directly and only do PP on the few shot I know I will print in big size etc. From what I have seen on the web it seems Olympus has one of the better JPEG engines out there, at least judging by the comparisons on dpreview and imaging resource where it sometimes is hard to believe the sensor that produced the picture is a lot smaller than the cameras it compares to.

Appreciate any comment/advice from anyone who has gone from normal D-SLR to a smaller rig with the same shooting habits as I have. Is there a system that would meet my needs or do I need to go to a Canon 6D etc?

I just read a lot of positive feedback on the Pentax K3 and for me Pentax is completely unknown territory so would a K3 be on the smaller side and give me the improvement in AF and high ISO I am looking for?

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