Lens Choices for D610

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Lens Choices for D610

I would REALLY appreciate thoughts from the more experienced of you . . .

Just purchased a Nikon D610 body.  Have been using a D90 for 5 years and loving it - with original Kit lens (18-105) and subsequently purchased 18-200 (DX) and my first ever prime , 85 mm 1.8 (suitable for FX - which has given me a profound appreciation for 'better glass' AND for prime lenses).

So now I have an FX with only one FX lens and am facing my first lens choices.

Note: My photography is typically one of three things - 1. landscape (but a particular kind of landscape where I typically crop a lot after - like 40-60% - and then magnify - one reason I wanted to get a full frame), 2. closeups of people - most often indoor, low light, 3. closeup in nature.

Overall - I am contemplating the Prime versus Zoom question.  My 85 had given me a great appreciation for Prime lenses and the notion of making my feet the 'Zoom' - but on the other hand, changing up lenses a lot 'outside' concerns me (in terms of sensor protection) (should it?).  Even though the D90 18-105 kit lens was medium quality (actually, I got some remarkable photos with that!), I loved having precisely that range on one lens - I wish they had that range on an FX lens with fixed F4 or F2.8!

So . . . . at this point, these are the three options I am considering for my FX lens foray - all for roughly the same money (remember, I have the 85 mm F1.8) . . .

Option 1.  the 50 mm 1.8 G AND the AF 105 f2D DC (about $1200)

Option 2. the AF-S 24-120 f/4G ED VR (about $1200)

Option 3. the AF-S 24-70 F 2.8G (about $1550)

Re: Option 1.  It would be three primes with no zoom - so either a lot to lug around (although not that much weight as the 85 mm and the 50 mm are light small plastic lenses), or making a  choice before heading out - but a GREAT prime lens learning opportunity.  I have the 105 DC in there because ALL the talk out there about its legendary sharpness, its fantastic Bokeh and its possible discontinuation- really caught my eye (or its 135 sibling?)

Re: Option 2. this is the closest FX to my 18-105 (really what? 25-150 or something like that?) experience from my D90 so its a great all-in-one.  Some not great reviews on the internet, but I wonder how seriously to take those.  It has VR which is great and its not too heavy.

Re: Option 3.  More money.  Wickedly heavy with no VR!  But spoken of very highly and together with my 85mm, would meet most of my needs.

Those of you with lots of experience - any obvious aspects of these choices that are jumping out at you I should think seriously about?  Other choices I should consider for around the same money? Much appreciated!

Nikon D610 Nikon D90
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