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Re: You might be wrong about AF module clearances...

Matsu wrote:

I don't know, and don't doubt, that they would be differently sized, but I don't think that the smaller D7100 sensor leaves any more room to accommodate one than a D600/D610. Not the way Nikon uses the F mount - where all the physical distances are kept the same in DX as the are for FX. The mirror distance, flange distance, pentaprism distance, and very likely AF module distance are all fixed in relation to the mount throat and sensor plane (the register). Space would have to be the same, and indeed a D7000 (39pt) and a D7100 (51pt) use essentially the same chassis.

I could be wrong too, I've never cut open my D7000, and I don't own a D7100.

However, the only parameter I'm really interested in is the low light capability of the AF module. What sort of light will cause it to hunt, and what sort of light will cause it to give up entirely? My D800 can get shots where the D7000 ultimately gives up. Nikon claims that the Multicam 4800FX module is improved over the Multicam 4800DX module - notably in low light acquisition, but reviews seem decidedly mixed. DPR's own review says that the Df starts to struggle in light as bright as 4 to 5ev, which is no where near the -1ev rating Nikon gives.

Others seem quite happy with D600/D610 low ev autofocus and find it improved over the D7000. Curious about what you think.

I read this too, and was rather astounded by the sloppy writing in parts of the review. This was one of them...

The Autofocus section on page 11 first tries to imply that Nikon uses the 4800FX module in the Df for money-saving purposes, and then goes on to claim that this module, which is specified down to -1EV, starts hunting around 4,5EV.

Like all AF modules, the 4800FX has different sensitivities to light in different parts of the sensor area - more senstive in the middle, around the centre point. It is all described in the manual.

DpR does not specify how they made the Df start hunting but it is not difficult. Just use the outer points, which you are not supposed to use, in a dark room. But by doing so, you reveal a certain lack of knowledge about the camera you are 'testing'.

Like you, I have noted that other reviewers have not been able to make the Df stumble. My D600, which uses the same AF module, is impressive in the dark.


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