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Re: Canon efs 60 macro lens

WilbaW wrote:

I'd be interested to know how it goes, especially if you can compare with the L.

I could never get consistent enough results autofocusing macros with the 100mm non-L macro myself. But that was with an older body (50D). I too would be interested in hearing how it fares on a newer body (ie 650D or newer).

Not surprisingly I find however that the new 100mm L macro autofocuses quite well on my 650D, and that it really shines on the 70D. Your results with the 60D are really nice too WilbaW.

There's something I should mention in case someone gets the wrong impression - you still have to use good macro technique with AF, like positioning the camera carefully, holding it steady, and judging when the subject is in focus.

Big +1

It doesn't magically make great photos all by itself, but if you're a competent macro photographer it takes away the most difficult and error prone part of it

A couple of notes for those trying AF out:

Be aware that the composition (framing) will change as the camera focuses (as focusing basically changes the magnification ratio). It's a good idea to set the focus close first manually.

If the focus changes (travels) quite a bit, then you may also experience a change in the exposure (since the effective aperture changes as well).

You may run up against the min focusing distance (MFD) at times if you are working very close, and this may result in failure to achieve focus at all.

It's a good idea to still shoot bursts when autofocusing, as there is still variation in where the focal plane ends up.

AF doesn't work very well for "focus stacking," since you can't "move" the focal plane like you can when you are focusing manually. It's one of the reasons I still like to focus manually for most subjects. I can shoot a burst using the "Sway" technique and get a nice series of consecutive slices through the subject, which I can either stack or select a favorite.

However when shooting fast-moving subjects like Ants or those "Crazy Bees" in the heat of the day, or whenever the breeze picks up, using (AI Servo) AF with the 100L will produce many more keepers than I can get when trying to focus manually. It really works.

I'd recommend everyone give it a try.  


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